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Oh Really Team Sports, You Don't Say

Your personal Forecast for 03-05-2002: You are eager to discuss your thoughts and plans with others at this time and you may have a very fruitful brainstorming session, a spirited debate, or a very active meeting with others in which things really get accomplished. You are verbally assertive and can present your own plan or idea quite convincingly. You may play a leadership role in a group or organization that you are affiliated with or take some initiative in a group situation. You are fired up about your ideals and can stir others to action. Team sports and group efforts of any kind appeal to you now.

Maitreya's Special Message for you Today:
Finding clues in past lives..ENDING the Cause of your grief? How to de-program, recycle & jump start engine of life? Feeling unfulfilled, empty and meaningless? Meaning, truth, objective of LIFE? - 12


In our journe! y of self awareness, after exploring our current life and making a balance sheet of our actions in this life, we found many answers to our questions. We found that we do have options either erase our grief by forgiving and stop blaming or to continue in bewilderment and self-destruction. Now we enter into another realm, another world the world on the other side, although there are no sides or dimensions but our little mind needs some form or believable ideas to understand what lies beyond our body. We need to find out the multiple reasons behind the questions like WHY ME, WHY THIS SUFFERING, WHY MUST I SUFFER or Why it all happens or happened to me and many other Why's, How and What If etc. To make you understand the realm of past lives and to extract 'strategic knowledge' from our past to fix our current life and lives to come, we must have some references and explanations.

We will have to go much deeper and unfold the mysteries of our lives to find out the true meaning o! f our current life and get to observe the whole cycle or at least part of cycle of our lives. This requires a sincere effort on your part to be honest, prepared and ready to understand this whole process. To initiate this whole episode of time travel, you must shed your fear based emotions [at least temporarily], extract and throw your acquired knowledge and man made ideas and identification labels you were stamped with your birth in this life. Try to erase your current superficial identity [at least temporarily] related to nationality, color of your skin, religious beliefs, age, ethnic groupings, languages, educational degrees, bookish knowledge and your million beliefs in this and that. You have to be with me without all these labels and badges. You have to be only YOUR SELF, as you truly are.

We must also forget the world created and conceived by us at least for some time. You have to be neutral, natural and real, unmasked and without any load of experiences. Once you can! get to that stage we will be able to comprehend certain things which thousands of masters, gurus, religions, books, literature, myths and other zillion marketers have been telling you since you are born. We will find out and try to understand the true nature of our real self and once we are aware of our wholesome global picture of our life cycle we will be able to appreciate and understand the meaning of this life. Once you do that you will be lightened, happier and never be depressed or sad.

You will live the life you live or want to live BUT yet you will not be the same as you WERE. There is no such thing as enlightenment or light that you can touch or smell or ACHIEVE as you can achieve a paper certification or degree. The only truth is total awareness. The awareness is opening up of your real inner eyes that will show you your true path and your self and once you recognize that you will be entering into a new realm of self realization or awareness that will open up a mo! re relaxed yet fulfilling life style. You will be YOU but not the same. You will evolve with a light year speed. For past messages Your Reflections on Life.. more..
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