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Mondays Forecast

Your personal Forecast for 03-11-2002: This period may spark your competitive and assertive urges at work or in your personal life. You may feel driven to achieve your aims, hopes, and goals but must discipline your actions and thoughts to avoid making hasty moves that may result in failure or rejection from others at this time. You should use this time period to sort out various new ideas and plans before jumping the gun. You could also work on examining your activities from a new perspective to determine whether you have set clear and effective priorities. If you remain frustrated over your intentions and objectives, you may occasionally act or speak without forethought and could expose yourself to confrontations or heated debates with colleagues or acquaintances.
Special Message for you Today:
Finding clues in past lives..ENDING the Cause of your grief? How to de-program, recycle & jump start engine of ! life? Feeling unfulfilled, empty and meaningless? Meaning, truth, objective of LIFE? - 16

The human body had both male and female energy. The human conscience or mind developed its own creations and a whole world was created on the earth with its own civilizations and cultural roots. Mars impacted life and the body form started forgetting the existence of soul and began to recognize its material shape as the 'person' and forgot that it was the personification of soul. Thus the body form became the personality or identification and this is what we call ego now. Conscious Mind developed strong emotional base and it was expressed as different feelings like aggression, fieriness, love and compassion and the subconscious mind kept the spiritual roots memories like a basement storage.

Continuing the brief life story of soul on earth and origin of human, we very briefly reveal that the astral zodiac of 12 signs in reality contai! ns the entire history of humanity. We'll go into details another time but in few words, the very first sign Aries symbolizes the beginning of the cosmic evolution when the root inspired life energy on earth through Mars. Taurus age influenced by Venus manifested procreation, material body and beginning of consciousness. Gemini age enlightened by mercury created the duality and divided the androgynous body into female and male body. Likewise all other signs represent the evolutionary growth of human life. I will communicate on this and other secrets of universe later.

In Gemini age the difference between genders started. In next several million years, the androgynous Soul expressed and manifested itself as male with stronger emotions or as female with deeper emotions and the differences grew and thus male body grew as hardened, stronger and female body grew softer, gentler and the both represented the duality of the cosmic root. During the Age of Cancer the difference between! subconscious mind and matter grew and age of Leo gave creativity while age of Virgo expressed the female energy fully.

Continuing the evolution of soul's presence, earth suffered major accidents and upheavals. Its living structure was impacted by traveling galactic bodies and thus the solid land in the water body fractured and the shift brought the carving of continental land masses. The continents grew isolated. The play of civilizations became prominent and then the Jupiterian influence in Libra age created harmony, balance and new clusters of humanity grew. Human soul created an unending life cycle on Earth, manifested through humanity and thereon the chain of active creation contributed to the universal mind a memory bank where all human actions have been recorded
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