)O( Your Little Moon )O( (belou_moon) wrote,
)O( Your Little Moon )O(

Yesterday's News & Today's

I am a wreck currently at 3:26 am on Wed the 13. My stepdad went into the hospital yesterday morning. He had another heart attact, I've lost track at how many it's been now. We had the ringer turned off. Melissa called at 1 & she said that some stuff went on. She told me that I needed to know what happened. My god & goddess my first thoughts were. Oh my god what happened to Aaron. Please dont let it be anything with Aaron. Now I cant sleep. My modemn is fucked at the moment & I cant write online. It just hit me how much it hurts. How much Ive been hurting theses past few weeks. I just looked at myself. My stomach is in knots, very large knots. I want to vomit up all of these negative emotions( they are not apart of me) You are not wanted in this head or body. Be gone on this body, you have no attourity over me. I want to sing. I want to scream. I want to shout out at the heavens, to anyone who will listen to me.

Running all kinds of him today.
Mom canceled her appointment, even though she told Gram's she was going
Matt told Melissa that he had fallen out of love with her. She's sick & they don't know what's wrong with her.
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